POEM: An ant’s chant

An ant’s chant

That sudden dry spell
Drives you crazy
As you had just
Ninjad up for
The storm

The heat, that
Energy stored up, lazy
Has nothing to do with it –
Nothing at all

That step you want to
Take so bad, but mad
Is what they write
You off ass
Licking would
Be better –
I get it

Deformity, smile
You’re on candid
Yet caught between the
Frames, second aims
If hit best
The crime of your
Deception is you fall
Back on the rest
You fall back

We don’t see you
You are nothing to us

POEM: Campus hippo

Campus hippo

See horse
Sea monster
See forces
Sea wonders
If larva will change
Its shape along the road
Grow teeth ten sizes
Bigger than its nose

Go deep inside
The ocean and glow
Spark beef with sharks
Where the water doesn’t flow

See horse
Sea monster
Seek more
See larvae
Not fierce-looking beasts
Eating animal testers –
Those human freak hunters Leave your beauty to fester

See not conquering king crabs
But fair court jesters
Tiny, mystical creatures
From much larger ancestors

Sea horse
See wonder


After months of inactivity and unvirality of the leaked works from the little red booklet, we’ve decided to share those pieces on this blog directly – demystifying the unmysterious mystery. This means the first four poems from the booklet will be posted on this blog in the coming days – one of them presented in a rare, never-before-seen form! We have previously shared one short piece from the booklet, called A substantial amount of insignificant fiction, so in total there will be five new (green) CREATURE-poems that you can discover before purchasing your own copy of the little red booklet. A full contents page can be found on this blog as well.

And joy and spread some of it…


The official release date for “(green) CREATURES” has been moved back by a week or so, due to a temporary lack of communication with the writer, Mr. Karfield. The new release date has been set on July 7th. For those of you who have already placed an order, please find a written statement from the editor in your mailbox.

31 Poems! (26 never-before-seen)

GREAT NEWS: we just received word that the “(green) CREATURES” little red booklet is set to feature “something like 31 poems, 5 of which – in any case […] – have been published in the past.” According to our calculations, then, and if we may believe every single word Mr. Karfield writes to us, “(green) CREATURES” will contain 26 BRAND SPANKING NEW pieces. Yay!