SHARED: First Amazon sale

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The copy seen here in the picture is the first little red booklet that was ordered and delivered through Amazon. The person who placed this order seems to be living in NATURE! and had the booklet delivered to them by snail mail. Mr. Karfield has started considering a sequel, immediately after receiving this adorable image.

SHARED: pre-order viewing by Odylle

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Singer, musician and all-round creative creature Odylle shares one of her favorites from the “(green) CREATURES,” after getting a sneak peak at the little red booklet. If you look closely, you can see her thumb right on the bottom edge of the image on the left.

Thanks, Odylle, for making “Substantial amount of insignificant fiction” known to your Facebook fans!!

HOT: Contents list

Since the Lulu page of “(green) CREATURES” already features a preview including the contents page, we’ve decided to share with you here that same list (picture below). There are lots of names and creature types in there, so it will give you an idea of what you might be getting into if you decide to get a copy yourself. (Some of the creatures were identified, and profiled by our team of inexperienced experts, long before the book was published!)

copy contents

The titles followed by “(7FS, year)” have been published online before; and these next titles are discussed on this blog:

– Boob Face (a.k.a. Two Retarded Men);
– Crocodile Lady;
– Leopard ‘Frog’ Pipi;
– Mrs. Pries.

HOT: Crocodile lady goes prose

crocodile lady by charlieWe are proud to present the first prose spin-off based on one of the poems from the “(green) CREATURES,” written by editor Ike Krijnen. It’s called “Crocodile lady & ol’ jazz singer man,” and it was published by the writer’s university alumni association, UCAA, in their bi-annual magazine called Talking Post. They write: “Post’s second fictional outing, by Ike Krijnen, has a certain reptilian je ne sais quoi.” (We liked that – thanks!) Illustrations of the crocodile and the jazz head mind are by Charlie Handsome. (We loved those – thanks a lot!)

UPDATE: online bookstore

OK, so now that the little red booklet has finally been officially released, you can also find it on Lulu’s website. (News will follow about the listing on Amazon.) This link will send you straight to IG Karfield’s bookstore, featuring “(green) CREATURES” and some information about the book’s editor.

But remember – make a personal order request through the form on this website, and you’ll get a chance to receive a personalized copy!

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HOTTEST: “(green) CREATURES” published!!!

It is official: “(green) CREATURES,” the little red booklet with poetic rhymes (if we may) about creatures from all over the world – and beyond – has been published. The cover image below shows the ISBN number; the Lulu ID is 13960678.

We thank everyone who supports this project, and hope to be in touch with you. We will be keeping this blog active for updates about the release as well.

cover art + ISBN

HOT HOT HOT: First prints under way

Less than 10 hours until the official release of (green) CREATURES. That’s right, at 7 PM (CET) today, will we announce the ISBN number and Lulu ID of the little red booklet. This means you can start ordering the book online. We do warn you, however, that it may take several weeks for the title to you show up in your searches; that’s why we are offering a personal (pre) order option (which will allow you to opt for a signed copy!) Find out the details by filling out the form.

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