UPDATE: 50 sold copies

sending the GCs

BAYUM! – we have reached the next level in feeding the public “(green) CREATURES”: 50 copies of Mr. Karfield’s first publication have been sold!!! A big thanks for that to the supporters and lovers of poetry out there, who are taking a liking in IG Karfield’s world of fable fantasy.

FYI – there are still 10 copies waiting to be personalized and signed, if you order via the form on this blog. Otherwise, you can hit up either Amazon or Lulu to check your copy.


LAST CHANCE: 15 personal copies left

A fresh batch of books for those who placed a personal(ized) order is being shipped as we speak. And there are 15 MORE booklets that can be ordered in this way. So please invite your friends and family to consider making an order via this website; they will receive a signed and rhymed.

Support your locally global art community. Support the right side of your brain. Support IG Karfield. DO IT NOW!!!

SHARED: pre-order viewing by Odylle

fow share berries

Singer, musician and all-round creative creature Odylle shares one of her favorites from the “(green) CREATURES,” after getting a sneak peak at the little red booklet. If you look closely, you can see her thumb right on the bottom edge of the image on the left.

Thanks, Odylle, for making “Substantial amount of insignificant fiction” known to your Facebook fans!!