After months of inactivity and unvirality of the leaked works from the little red booklet, we’ve decided to share those pieces on this blog directly – demystifying the unmysterious mystery. This means the first four poems from the booklet will be posted on this blog in the coming days – one of them presented in a rare, never-before-seen form! We have previously shared one short piece from the booklet, called A substantial amount of insignificant fiction, so in total there will be five new (green) CREATURE-poems that you can discover before purchasing your own copy of the little red booklet. A full contents page can be found on this blog as well.

And joy and spread some of it…

HOT: Contents list

Since the Lulu page of “(green) CREATURES” already features a preview including the contents page, we’ve decided to share with you here that same list (picture below). There are lots of names and creature types in there, so it will give you an idea of what you might be getting into if you decide to get a copy yourself. (Some of the creatures were identified, and profiled by our team of inexperienced experts, long before the book was published!)

copy contents

The titles followed by “(7FS, year)” have been published online before; and these next titles are discussed on this blog:

– Boob Face (a.k.a. Two Retarded Men);
– Crocodile Lady;
– Leopard ‘Frog’ Pipi;
– Mrs. Pries.