HOT: Crocodile lady goes prose

crocodile lady by charlieWe are proud to present the first prose spin-off based on one of the poems from the “(green) CREATURES,” written by editor Ike Krijnen. It’s called “Crocodile lady & ol’ jazz singer man,” and it was published by the writer’s university alumni association, UCAA, in their bi-annual magazine called Talking Post. They write: “Post’s second fictional outing, by Ike Krijnen, has a certain reptilian je ne sais quoi.” (We liked that – thanks!) Illustrations of the crocodile and the jazz head mind are by Charlie Handsome. (We loved those – thanks a lot!)

Newbian, Kansas

Newbie, Kansas

Crocodile Lady is the ‘object of affection’ in the poem Crocodile lady, to be featured in IG Karfield’s little red booklet. And after receiving this picture with inscription from Mr. Karfield, we can sort of understand why. Let’s face it, if you are born on a reptile farm, you are doomed to be eaten for eating’s sake. Well, we think she was born here anyway…