POEM: An ant’s chant

An ant’s chant

That sudden dry spell
Drives you crazy
As you had just
Ninjad up for
The storm

The heat, that
Energy stored up, lazy
Has nothing to do with it –
Nothing at all

That step you want to
Take so bad, but mad
Is what they write
You off ass
Licking would
Be better –
I get it

Deformity, smile
You’re on candid
Yet caught between the
Frames, second aims
If hit best
The crime of your
Deception is you fall
Back on the rest
You fall back

We don’t see you
You are nothing to us

HOT: Crocodile lady goes prose

crocodile lady by charlieWe are proud to present the first prose spin-off based on one of the poems from the “(green) CREATURES,” written by editor Ike Krijnen. It’s called “Crocodile lady & ol’ jazz singer man,” and it was published by the writer’s university alumni association, UCAA, in their bi-annual magazine called Talking Post. They write: “Post’s second fictional outing, by Ike Krijnen, has a certain reptilian je ne sais quoi.” (We liked that – thanks!) Illustrations of the crocodile and the jazz head mind are by Charlie Handsome. (We loved those – thanks a lot!)