BOOK REVIEW: The Holland Times

The Holland Times, the Amsterdam-based English language expat monthly, has reviewed the little red booklet in their 2014 January issue. Lots of thanks to Declan Aylward (editor-in-chief) for making this review possible, and to Jonathan Gill (critic) for writing it so tastefully. We are humbled and frenzied by your references to the great masters of the bestiary, and admire the 140 character historic overview you produced on the theme. Dangit!

We hope you are looking forward to a second volume.

Favorite line from HT’s JG: “In these poems, the always-strange proximity of animal wildness and natural savagery […] is an opportunity to explore where homo sapien might belong in the ultimate bestiary.”

 review by JG in HT

SHARED: pre-order viewing by Odylle

fow share berries

Singer, musician and all-round creative creature Odylle shares one of her favorites from the “(green) CREATURES,” after getting a sneak peak at the little red booklet. If you look closely, you can see her thumb right on the bottom edge of the image on the left.

Thanks, Odylle, for making “Substantial amount of insignificant fiction” known to your Facebook fans!!